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Serenity in our personal space is crucial to our wellbeing. In today’s world, our homes need to function in so many different ways. Creating a stress-free environment to compliment your day-to-day activities is essential for productivity and a well-balanced life. 


The goal of Simply Focused is to break down your challenges and find innovative solutions to maximize your home's potential while meeting your individual needs and lifestyle goals.

Our homes, like our minds, perform more efficiently when free of clutter. Our mood improves, stress is alleviated, our senses aware of the calm and fresh energy of your surroundings. Truly like a deep breath of fresh air!


Start your journey with one of the following packages to brighten your world.




Brighten your space and implement creative solutions that will enhance and destress your home or office. The “One Room At A Time” method was created to fine tune specific updates with a very calm and manageable approach.

Refreshing your environment elevates your home to inspire and support you on a daily basis. We can focus on one of the following rooms of your choice: Office, Kitchen, Wellness Space, Bedroom & Bath.


You have a lot on your hands, having guidance and support eases the “Where do I start” of this big undertaking. Together we will formulate a plan of attack and work out the steps to conquer the challenge ahead.

With a clear timeline and plan, you will have guidance and accountability each step of the way.


Together we can bring your vision to life. This package includes 3 primary rooms you wish to focus on.



My coaching packages are designed to support you each step of the way, whether you’re focusing on just one room at a time or completing the daunting task of the whole house. By following a simplified approach, you’ll find ease in the process of transforming your space.


Initial Consultation

Understanding your project, individual needs and goals to create a workable timeline to complete your transformation.


Implementing Design Plan

Review your design plan and discuss resources needed to complete and follow your personalized step by step guide to bring your project to reality


Project Review

Check in on your progress, address any challenges and finalize details to ensure your goals and the functionality in your space has been optimized to its full potential

At this time, all consultations are available by Zoom or Facetime, so no matter your location we can work together to achieve your design goals.


Custom Design Consulting for Commercial Spaces and Events 

A bright, positive, clean and uplifting atmosphere in the workplace inspires productivity. When a workspace is designed for efficiency, everyone benefits. 

We will work together to address areas of concern and create an overall plan to improve functionality, updating areas in need of attention to increase efficiency in your office. Once the design is finalized, we can collaborate with various trades to oversee your project to  implement your new design as needed.


If you are interested in transforming a commercial space, we would be happy to provide a custom quotation for your project. For more information please schedule your 15-min free call with me.

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