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What should I expect from your online design packages? 


The goal of Simply Focused online design packages is to break down your challenges and find innovative solutions to maximize your home's potential while meeting your individual needs and lifestyle goals. I support and guide you through the process of achieving a functional and well-organized update to your home or office.  The “One Room At A Time” method was created to fine tune specific updates with a very calm and manageable approach, focusing in one room of your choice. The “Full Home Design” package formulates a plan of attack for your multi-room project, where we’ll tackle 3 rooms of your choice and work through each design with a clear timeline and plan of implementation. With each package, you receive an in-depth consultation to discuss your needs and map out your design plan. All sessions are held online through Zoom, so we can meet “face-to-face” and walk through your rooms together. After our initial consultation, you’ll receive a comprehensive design plan from me and a follow-up meeting to walk through the steps needed to tackle your cleaning, organization and redesign. In our final meeting, we’ll check in on your progress, address challenges and make any adjustments to perfect your new design. You’ll have loving support each step of the way, and a friend to celebrate your success at the end!


What do I do when I’m in the middle of my design process and I get stuck? 


It’s natural to hit a roadblock here and there. You’ll have email access to me to review your design outline and talk through any hiccups throughout your project. In a design emergency, you’ll have one free 15 minute “lifeline” video call with me to get you over the hump of your project. Together, we’ll get you over the hump and back on your road to success!


How long will the transformation take?


Depending on your project and how much time you have to devote to completion will determine your transformation. Some clients dive right in and we complete the process in one month. For larger projects, this may take several months. We determine the length of your project timeline in our initial consultation, based on your availability and needs.


Do you provide resources or recommendations for my project? 


I provide you with a list of recommended resources for your project. This includes storage containers and organizational stores, fun furniture companies, organic mattresses and bedding, lighting ideas, plant suppliers and more. 


What is your refund policy? 


If you sign up and change your mind before we get started, your payment is fully refundable. Once we begin our consultation and design process, programs are non-refundable. If at any point you are dissatisfied with your experience, we can work together to make sure you get what you need from our time together. If you are unable to finish your larger multi-room project, I am happy to credit you for support at a future date when you are ready to move forward on your project again.  

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